Looking For Best Cleaning Service in Melbourne, AU? Think We May Have Found It For You!


Brighten Serv Australia in Melbourne, has a relatively flat management structure, a team playing an active role in the management and tracking of service quality, customer care, and value for money of contracts. We offer a head supervisor performing on-site inspections for quality and fulfilling the role of customer liaison and point of contact.

“I have entrusted total cleaning work of my home and office to Brighten Services Australia, and I am delighted with their services.”

“Brighten Services very punctual and highly efficient, and all their staff trained by domestic cleaning.”

“The company is fully licensed and bonded, so I am never in doubt about my home security when their cleaners are at work.”

“Thanks to Brighten Services Australia, very knowledgable services, and excellent cleaning.”

Here at Brighten Services Australia, we specialized in washroom services, flooring, and carpet cleaning. For the best cleaning services in Melbourne, AU. Call us at (03) 9570 4849 or visit our website to see our excellent services.


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